Activities & Special events

Activities & Special events

At Söderåsens Forsgård we want to inform our guests of new possibilities!

At Söderåsens Forsgård we arrange special events, everything from camps, weddings, and kick-offs to cuddle weekends with the family and good friends and make your every event both personal and cozy. We also provide physiotherapy and activities for people with disabilities. Whatever your interest or need, we recommend you to stay a minimum of two nights. This will give you time to find out what suits you. Each event is evaluated, because we constantly strive to become better. Together, we will plan your stay, so that you get the most out of your days with us.

Some of the activities we offer at Söderåsens Forsgård:

Horseback riding on Icelandic horses but also try riding, riding for the disabled, equestrian gymnastics
• Ride horse and carriage
• Get to know small animals – dog, cat, rabbit
• Pick eggs at the hen
Fishing for rainbow salmon / crayfish
Swim in the “lakes” with spring water from the sandy beach
• Tranquility with the boat / pedal pedal boat
• Bath wood-fired sauna raft
• Grill in the barbecue huts / on the natural stone barbecue grill
• Set up a campfire at the shelter
• Go on nature, history and cultural guides in the immediate area
• Go on a deer safari
• Walk the path of the mind with different stations with things to experience for our senses
• Walk on our landscaped paths in the yard with different types of nature
Hike in the nearby nature reserve at Skåneleden
• Swing and build huts in our forest
• Play outdoor games on the grass such as cube, bocce, croquet, fireball etc.
• Play boules on the course
• Hit some bats with the golf clubs
• Rest in the hammock


Nothing is impossible!

At the edge of the forest you will find, what we call, the “lakes” – four ponds with circulating spring water, where you can swim, row or skate depending on the season. Why not try our sauna-raft with a wood-fired oven? A couple of the ponds even have crayfish and rainbow trout for you to catch.

Söderåsens Forsgård is surrounded by woods and is close to the Skåneleden-trail. There are plenty of paths and roads that meander through the beech, spruce and deciduous forest, along waterfalls and on to the open fields with beautiful views. We also have barbecue huts and an outdoor barbecue of natural stone, which you can use. You can walk along the trails, practice your golf swing, or just relax in the hammock. Of course, you can experience Söderåsen on horseback too or go by horse and carriage.

Since we are located on Söderåsen, we would like to tell you about Söderåsens nature, culture and history. That is why we offer guided walking or riding tours where you get to experience the vegetation and wildlife of Söderåsen. We also offer fallow deer safari, with the possibility to come closer to the wild animals. It is also possible to meet the farm animals. We have a variety of different animals that belong to the typical Swedish farm. You can pick fresh eggs in the henhouse, feed the rabbit, pet the dog and the cat or book tours with our Icelandic horses.

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