– with insight, outlook, and intent

Lectures – with insight, outlook, and intent. Ulrika Stengard-Olsson, a licensed physiotherapist and therapeutic horseback riding physiotherapist with extensive experience in child and youth habilitation, as well as in primary care and a special clinic for back and neck issues. Ulrika also has a fundamental agricultural education along with extensive experience in animal and nature conservation. She utilizes these experiences in her lectures at universities and colleges in Sweden and abroad, for healthcare, businesses, associations, and federations.

Physiotherapist and Therapeutic horseback riding physiotherapist

– less talk and a lot of action!

Topics dear to Ulrika’s heart include:
* Therapeutic horseback riding
* Training for physiotherapists and others with a medical background
* Opportunities related to disabilities
* The impact of animals and nature on humans – “green rehabilitation”
* Natural and cultural values of Söderåsen
* Experiences as a female agricultural entrepreneur